Tears that Don’t Cry

 Tears that don’t cry

Beaten down for 500 years

The whip, the fist, the silent of their years

The pain that refused to be heard

The tears that are so painful, can’t find a word

Tears that don’t cry

500 years of reasoning why

The violence of fleshly lust

The pain in their tears, days of no trust

No freedom from pain, tears that drop

The lust for money caught up in a slave trap

Tears that don’t cry

500 years of pain reasoning why

The freedom of painful tears inside

Facing the years, stop don’t cry

This man is greater than mere words

Why don’t you let the pain be heard?

Tears that don’t cry

Wealth and talent abused, could it be that’s why?

One bright day I’ll be set free

My tears that don’t cry one day you’ll see

You knock me down but I came up again

I will fly like an eagle carried by the wind

I was meant to be used by my GOD

I won’t be beaten, JESUS is my LORD

I’ll cry out to HIM, I don’t understand

Tears that don’t cry, I am a man

Tears that don’t cry, this season must end

500 years of tears, the door is open, let’s begin…



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