Return of the Year of One Man Away

Every year GOD anoints me to bring HIS WORD to the people for the New Year  I want to encourage you that you are about to encounter the individual that will open the door for every miracle to come into your life. You will never have to pray for yourself. You will spend the rest of your life blessing others.  Your days of begging GOD are over!

This WORD comes from Genesis 37:5-10, 39:1-4, 20-23, 40:1 and 42

See yourself in these Scriptures. Consider Joseph’s brothers. Joseph was more CHRISTlike than anyone.  His brothers were envious of him.  The spirit of envy believes that GOD does not know who to bless.  An envious person thinks their hands will cause them to prosper.  Consider Joseph’s brothers.  They were bitter and mistreated Joseph.  They wanted to take shortcuts to being blessed.

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