The Mother that Gathers Her Fruit

John 12:24

John 19:27

JESUS is speaking!  Will you slow down, stop to listen?

GOD’S first commandment to Israel was “Hear O’ Israel” (LISTEN!)

GOD is speaking as the wheat is falling. (You & I are the wheat- the harvest in GOD’S field)

It’s time to respond to your purpose (A Mother can see your future. She knows her children)

GOD is speaking in the weakness of the wheat. The question is what is it that HE is saying? (Our bodies are weak, but are spirits are strong)

My father and mother wrestles with time. In time we will become weak and become like our parents. When you see them you see the mirror of your own future – aging.

. The SPIRIT is calling forth unity – unify and multiply.

Wlll you receive your calling?

Come back to your mother’s desire to know her GOD. She went to the praye rhouse to the church house back to her own house using the HOLY ANOINTED OIL

Life can not multiply but through death of the seed!

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