Let’s Go to the House of the LORD

Psalms 22:1

Hebrews 10:25

I Samuel 3:1

The House of the LORD is dedicated to teach JESUS, the son of GOD, the SAVIOR of the world.

You must understand someone (or a people) thru faith & patience. They gave up their living to build or buy a place of worship.

The Book of Samuel 3rd chapter 1st verse said there was no open vision or spiritual light in the temple or the House of GOD.

When there is no vision:

The light in many of our churches across America and in our cities has gone out

The pastors have submitted to what the people want to hear

A fear of losing their largest supporters is in the pulpit.

There is a fear of the world outside and the mindset that the people will not hear the truth.

The House of GOD was built with the thought that GOD would meet us there. GOD said wherever 2 or 3 are gathered in HIS name, HE would show up.

The GOD that promised & has never lied will fulfill what HE said. GOD will show up where a sacrifice if made in HIS name – Hebrews 10:25.

Also the scripture says not to grieve your pastor because they watch over your soul. GOD honors those that have been faithful over the years, seeking HIM will all of their heart.

I Timothy 5:17

HE will stay true to what HE has said!


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