Based on Matthew 9:36-38

The City is full of multitudes. But what do you see?

Teenagers that you have rejected. Neighbors that you have closed the door on. Co-workers that you can not stand. Politicians that you don’t believe in.

The gatherer is moved with compassion. What you love will change you! Teenagers can find GOD’S direction. Neighbors that become a friend in CHRIST. The power of unity on the job causing creativity to flow. The politicians that would declare righteousness to the nation. He touches the faint. He brings purpose to empty hearts.

Let’s go to the harvest, GOD will meet us there!

I have 31 years of praying to the LORD of the harvest to send forth you into the harvest.  People are dying and we are not trying. The cry is great. A lost and dying world looking for a SAVIOR today. Let’s stand with the gatherer before it is too late in time.

He that winneth souls is wise, so let’s become wise today!

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